GradReady is financial resource for students

GR1As part of Financial Literacy Month, Gateway Student Services invites students to try GradReady, a resource that can be used to help better understand their financial position.

GradReady helps students learn more about managing their tuition, budget and bills. With seven simple steps, students can feel more confident about their financial position:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Create an Account and enter your info.
  3. Watch videos that help get your finances in shape.
  4. Perfect your education financing plan.
  5. Compare potential debt to future income with Debt-O-Meter.
  6. Create a personalized budget that helps you live well within your means.
  7. Schedule return visits to:
    1. Track your spending
    2. Modify your plan
    3. Gauge your success
    4. Use the Electronic Loan Counselor.

For more information, contact Gateway Student Services at 651-793-1300 or