Metropolitan State professor screens short film at festival

The Light of Each New Day
Shelby Richardson portrays the role of Julie in the short film.

A new short film from Metropolitan State screenwriting and film professor James Byrne, “The Light of Each New Day,” is an official selection at the 34th Annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. The film features Jauston Campbell, a Metropolitan State student, as one of its stars, and community faculty member Joy LaDuke as assistant director. Also involved in the production are several Metropolitan State alumni: Zack Jansen, Keith Mullin, Dave Lee and Kou Yang.

“The Light of Each New Day” tells the story of a book collector struggling to keep her life from spinning out of control. The film screening is part of a short collection entitled “Shorts 9: Dramatic Crossroads” on Monday, April 20 at 7:15 p.m., St. Anthony Main Theater 3, 115 Southeast Main Street, Minneapolis. The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is the largest film event in the region and one of the largest and longest running film festivals in the country.

The trailer can be viewed online here and tickets to the screening can be purchased here.