$tart with Change helps students manage finances


As part of Financial Literacy Month, Gateway Student Services invites students to try the financial literacy program, $tart with Change. Created by HigherOne, $tart with Change is designed to be an engaging, upbeat, supportive and motivational foundation of financial literacy awareness for college students.

$tart with Change is dedicated to meeting the challenge of providing students with relevant and engaging financial education and enabling them to better understand their finances, make smarter everyday financial decisions and establish a strong financial foundation that can put them in control of a successful financial future. Resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Budgeting
  • Managing debt
  • Spending control
  • Managing a bank account
  • Saving
  • Calculating tools (student loan repayment, make your refund last, and savings)

To get started, visit the $tart with Change website. For more information, contact Gateway Student Services at 651-793-1300 or gateway@metrostate.edu.