Diverse and versatile: Metropolitan State’s MPNA program


A student looking to pursue a practical professional degree that emphasizes leadership and problem solving skills has a sea of choices. What makes a program stand out? For one Master of Public and Nonprofit Administration (MPNA) alum, it was diversity and balance. “The students at Metropolitan State crossed economic, cultural and educational lines that greatly enhanced the classroom experience,” said Karin M. Ehlert, training and communications director with the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs. “The instruction offered a balance of experience in various professions and academia that I believe was a great benefit to my overall graduate school journey.”

The program prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities in public and nonprofit sectors, from leadership and management to direct service roles. An MPNA degree is a practical choice in a world where people are increasingly expected to make multiple job changes during their careers. Because the MPNA program is part of the College of Management, students are offered a learning experience that bridges the public, nonprofit and private sectors. Students from all areas learn in an environment together, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience foundational to modern careers.

For the retired Secretary of the Minnesota State Senate, Patrick Flahavan, it was the program’s versatility that stood out: “I chose Metropolitan State University’s MPNA program because it offered contemporary courses for the professional working adult. The program’s flexibility fit my professional and personal schedule.” Classes are offered once a week in the evening, fully online or through web enhanced courses that meet every other week with online coursework in between. Those choices make the program accessible to any student interested in pursuing a graduate degree.

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