Student perspective: finding confidence and direction at Metropolitan State

JacksonMetropolitan State has long been a destination for transfer students looking to finish what they started or carve out a new path in their lives. Jackson Atkins came to Metropolitan for both purposes and found the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career he once thought was impossible.

Atkins, a local musician who hails from Chanhassen, transferred from Minneapolis Community and Technical College with an associate’s in liberal arts. He knew he wanted to write but wasn’t sure what a career as a writer would look like. He started his degree in technical communication and professional writing expecting a relatively simple experience; go to class, do his work, get a degree. What he found was a much more complex, and rewarding, environment. “At Metropolitan State, everyone is trying to give you opportunities. If you want to gain experience in just about anything, you just need to talk to the right person. I like that about Metro State.”

When he first started, Atkins wasn’t sure how he was going to use his education in the real world but quickly found a wide variety of teaching styles, coursework and experiences that prepared him for a career and life outside of school. He was even able to integrate freelance work into his classes, providing him more opportunities to polish his portfolio and get ready for life after graduation this fall. “I knew I wanted to be a freelance writer but I didn’t know if it was possible. Now I know it is and I found that confidence at Metro.”

Currently, Atkins does freelance writing and web development, serves as the communications manager for a local nonprofit, MinneAnalytics and is a student copywriter in the University Advancement and Communications Division.