TuitionMatch-MN offers new way to save for college

Metropolitan State University is among several Minnesota colleges offering a new financial aid program called TuitionMatch-MN. The program is a 3:1 matched savings Individual Development Account that helps students build the financial assets they need to pursue a college education.

Benefits of TuitionMatch-MN

  • Triple your money. Save $1 and we will match it with $3.
  • Provides financial literacy courses, individualized career counseling and academic support.
  • Keeps you on track so you can graduate with minimal educational debt.

How it Works

Deposit $40 of earned income each month over the next two years into a Bremer Individual Development Account (IDA) – that’s $480/year or $960/two years.

The program matches at a 3:1 rate in your TuitionMatch-MN account to meet the goal of securing the funding for your post-secondary education. There is a maximum match amount of $1440 in one year or $2880 over two years.

Once you complete the requirements you can transfer your savings money plus the match to pay for tuition and fees (fall, spring or summer) including undergraduate, certificates or graduate school at Metropolitan State University.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Currently enrolled at Metropolitan State University and have at least three semesters left
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Minnesota resident
  • U.S. Citizen, eligible noncitizen or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) student
  • Current household income must be at or below the Federal Income Guideline based on family size

To find out more, visit the program Web page or contact Gateway Student Services at ASK US! or 651-793-1300, option eight.