Saint Paul Campus parking update

Details related to the operation of the new ramp and parking procedures are being finalized. Watch for regular parking updates to be shared during the next several weeks. View interim parking information online here.


One frequently asked question relates to the parking lot north of St. John’s Hall along Seventh Street and the parking lot located behind the Library and Learning Center. A number of parking spots in those two lots have been assigned to faculty and staff via a lottery. A new lottery system will be created to assign a number of those parking spots in the future. Anyone who currently parks there may continue to do so until the new lottery later in August. To enter the lottery, faculty and staff must register for parking. Watch for more information in the coming weeks.

Parking overview

The new parking fee structure is consistent with MnSCU policy stating “adequate fees shall be charged for use of revenue-funded facilities” and “employees must pay at least the amount students pay for parking.”

Faculty and staff, including those with a handicap license plate or state-issued handicap hang tag, who choose to park in a Metropolitan State-owned or leased facility must complete a parking registration form. They will then pay one standard rate to park in one of the following parking facilities: Saint Paul, Midway (including Energy Park Place), Minneapolis (MCTC Ramp) and LECJEC (Hennepin Technical College lot).

The new parking ramp on the Saint Paul Campus is expected to be completed in late July or early August. It opens when the City of Saint Paul issues the facility’s certificate of occupancy.


Metropolitan State will charge a standard rate to cover all parking locations. Payment options include the following:

Payroll deduction of $18 per pay period for full-time faculty and staff

  • When registering for parking, faculty and staff can select payroll deduction for one full fiscal year or for only one or more semesters.
  • The $18 per pay period amount equals $468 for the full fiscal year or $156 for one semester.

Pay once per semester

  • Payment by check or credit card of $156 per semester (fall, spring and summer)
  • Those choosing this option will need to register for each semester.
  • Payments are due no later than the first day of class of each semester for faculty and staff who request to be invoiced by semester.

Part-time faculty and staff will pay a prorated amount. Full-time is considered 75 percent or higher. Community faculty pay a rate based on the credits they teach at $12 per credit.

Students will pay $12 per credit.

The Saint Paul Campus Parking Ramp will also offer employees and visitors a $5 rate for daily parking only; no overnight parking will be allowed. The $5 daily rate does not permit re-entrance on the same date; if you leave and return on the same date, you will pay another $5 fee to enter the ramp. Vehicles must depart the ramp by the time the ramp closes.

Parking registration

The parking registration form will be available in late July. The form will be available online on the portal or from the Building Services Department at Founders Hall, Saint Paul Campus.

Faculty and staff on payroll deduction or who have paid to park by the semester, no matter where they are based, will access the Saint Paul Campus parking ramp with their Metropolitan State ID card. Students will also access the ramp with their ID cards. This will require a new ID card; new ID cards are being developed. Watch for more communications about how to obtain a new ID card.

Faculty or staff on payroll deduction or who have paid to park by the semester and are based at the Management Education Center on the Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) campus will be able to access the MCTC parking ramp as well as all other Metropolitan State parking locations.

Submit questions to Dan Hambrock, Facilities Management associate vice president, at or Thomas Maida, Safety and Security director, at