Career development: don’t wait for graduation

BillBaldus1For many students, the prospect of developing a new career while going to school is daunting. On top of classes, studying, work and family, professional networking might seem like something that can wait until after graduation. However, procrastinating can make life harder once you do earn your degree.

“It’s important to start early,” says Bill Baldus, career counselor at Metropolitan State’s Career Development Center (CDC). “Many students wait too long to jump in.”

The CDC offers many services to help students meet their professional goals, including career counseling, resume building and interview preparation. Baldus also recommends more human contact and less time on the computer—attending networking events and even meeting people in class can help students build important connections.

If you aren’t sure exactly what your ideal career looks like that’s OK, says Baldus: “Sometimes just trying new things is the best way to find the right fit.”

Don’t know where to begin? The CDC has developed Career Steps: Top 12 Things to do Before Graduation to help you get started. This free D2L workshop allows students to take a step-by-step approach to preparing for their career after graduation.

The CDC is located in Founders Hall, Saint Paul Campus, 700 East Seventh Street.  To schedule an appointment with a career counselor call 651-793-1528.