New bookstore credit program in place

BooksThe bookstore credit program for the fall 2015 semester is open until Friday, Sept. 4. The program allows students to buy textbooks and supplies before classes start by charging the purchases to their student account. Previously, the program required students to fill out a form and present a financial aid award letter. Beginning this semester, students will only need to show their student ID card.

Students who are registered for classes this fall and don’t have any holds on their account can use the credit program at the Saint Paul Campus or online. All registered students, regardless of number of credits, may charge up to $750. For students with book requirements that exceed these limits, an emergency request can be made through Gateway Services, which will take 24 hours to process.

Bookstore charges must be paid in full, either through payment arrangements with Financial Management, or by using financial aid. Visit Gateway online to find answers, submit questions or chat with a Gateway associate.