New viewbooks showcase Metropolitan State

viewbook 2
Engaged students such as Denny Yang (professional communication) are profiled in the new viewbooks

Metropolitan State recently rolled out new viewbooks: sleek, in-depth introductions to life at the university. Viewbooks are a longstanding tradition in higher education, a portal for potential students to become familiar with the atmosphere of a school. Prospective students can picture themselves on campus through photos and student success stories, learn about academic and support programs and get to know faculty and staff.

Amy Dunn, associate vice president of enrollment, says the viewbooks have been long-awaited but worth the wait:

“The viewbooks allow us to brag about the accomplishments of our faculty and showcase the service of our staff while highlighting the multifaceted lives of our students. Ultimately, the viewbooks capture the pride we have for the mission and purpose we fulfill every day at Metropolitan State University.”      

English and Latino versions reach a wide range of transfer students, high school students and adult learners all across the Twin Cities. On the Latino viewbook, Dunn says, “This piece is the start of many multi-lingual pieces to come. As one of the most diverse universities within the MnSCU system, it is imperative that we provide a welcoming and supportive environment to the many cultures we serve here at Metropolitan State University. One of the primary ways we can do this is by providing materials in their native language. In addition, we want to showcase the rich experiences that all of our students, faculty and staff bring to the university.”

Both viewbooks include a brief history of Metropolitan State, enrollment and faculty statistics, a list of degree programs and support services, financial aid and admissions information and details about student life. If you would like to see a copy of either viewbook, contact