Repeated courses will be automatically calculated in GPA

Starting summer 2015, the Registrar’s Office will automatically process repeat courses.

Students who are repeating a course in summer 2015 and in future semesters no longer need to submit a Repeat Course form for repeated courses in which the original grade was an “F” or “D.”

The student’s GPA will be automatically calculated to reflect only the higher grade. For example, MATH 115 taken in Fall 2013 with a final grade of “D” and retaken in Summer 2015 with a final grade of “A,” the higher grade will be automatically processed.

The change comes as recommendation from the Academics Standing Committee at Metropolitan State University working with the Records Office.

There are some exceptions to the automated process:

1) Students still must submit a Repeat Course form for any course that was taken twice prior to Summer 2015.
(example:  Fall 2013 – ACCT 210  “F”;   Spring 2015 – ACCT 210 “B”;  the repeated course was taken before Summer 2015 so a Repeat Course  form must be submitted) 

2) Courses that can be taken two or more times for credit, such as internships, clinical practice, some screenwriting courses, etc., will not be processed as repeats and all grades will be calculated into the GPA.

3) If a student plans to repeat a course in which the first grade was a “C -“ or better, the student must submit a Repeat Course form with the dean’s approval prior to or at the time of enrollment in the course.