Oct. 10: Call for submissions: Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing Conference 2015

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What happens when technology meets biology? The 19th annual Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing Conference answers the question in “The Body Technologic: Emerging Intersections Between Bodies and Technology,” a daylong conference hosted by Metropolitan State on Oct. 10.

The conference seeks proposals that focus on the topic of intersecting biology and technology, particularly what this relationship means for classrooms and communities. Papers addressing the following areas are encouraged:

  • Writing and rhetoric at the intersection of medicine and technology
  • Body augmentation, enhancement, and alteration
  • Technologies to augment the classroom
  • Posthuman theories of technology
  • Posthuman theories and the classroom
  • Technology and accessibility
  • Advocacy work through technology
  • 3-D printing, including medical devices, limbs, and body parts
  • Technofeminist theories and approaches to technology
  • The ubiquity of mobile technologies and connectedness
  • Human/animal relationships and technology
  • Ethical design practices

Any presentations that enhance understanding of the complex relationships among computers, computer-mediated pedagogy and research, and writing instruction are welcome. Individual presentations are limited to 20 minutes and require abstracts of 150 words or less. Panel presentations are limited to 75 minutes with abstracts up to 300 words.

The deadline for abstracts to be submitted is Sept. 25. Click here for more information.