Student safety tips

As fall semester gets under way, Metropolitan State’s public safety office reminds students to stay safe while getting to and from class by following these tips:

  • Call for escorts or walk with others, choose well lit and direct areas at night and remain alert; walk confidently and purposefully.
  • If you notice any suspicious behaviors on or around campus, immediately notify Metropolitan State safety officers and/or the police.
  • Remember to lock the doors of your vehicle and park in the university ramp.
  • If confronted, make firm but non challenging statements of your interests. If you believe you are in jeopardy, leave for somewhere safe.
  • Do not loan your cell phone to others.
  • If you are a victim of crime, please immediately inform the university safety officers.

Saint Paul Campus safety officer
cell phone: 651-775-0444
desk phone: 651-793-1717

Library safety officer
cell phone: 651-775-0715

Parking ramp safety officer
cell phone: 651-368-4297

Midway Center safety officer
cell phone: 651-775-6122

Minneapolis Campus safety officer
cell phone: 612-659-6910
emergency phone: 612-659-6900

LECJEC safety officer
cell phone: 763-354-4168