Oct. 10: “The Body Technologic: Emerging Intersections Between Bodies and Technology”

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What happens when technology meets biology? The 19th annual Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing (GPACW) Conference answers this question in “The Body Technologic: Emerging Intersections Between Bodies and Technology,” a daylong conference Oct. 10 at Metropolitan State, 700 East Seventh Street, Saint Paul.

“This year we are focusing on what happens as our machines and bodies become less and less distinct,” said Alex Layne, assistant professor and conference host. “Some in the field have argued that a computer is more or less a fancy pencil, while others maintain that the amount of identity creation, play and human-to-human connection that happens online has fundamentally changed us as human beings and as writers.”

This is Metropolitan State’s first time hosting the conference, but Layne hopes it won’t be the last. The university’s strong technical communication and professional writing program makes it a fitting place for the topics discussed at GPACW events.

“Before our future students go out and begin inventing, teaching and otherwise changing the world, I want them to have some philosophical and pedagogical background on how becoming ever more immersed in technology impacts us,” Layne said.

Conference registration is available at this link. For more information contact Layne at alex.layne@metrostate.edu.

UPDATE: The rate for Metropolitan State University students has been reduced to $25. Meet great scholars in the fields of computers and writing, technical communication, and professional writing.