Metropolitan State lockdown and Star Alert procedures

The recent tragic shootings at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, Northern Arizona University and Texas Southern University are a somber reminder of the importance of being prepared and informed. Safety and security is a shared responsibility and reading and reviewing the following information helps to create a culture of preparedness.

The university’s Emergency Preparedness RUREADY? has information posted about a number of potential emergency situations. The links below offer valuable tips should a lockdown occur at our Saint Paul Campus.

  • Lock Down and Active Shooter (PDF)
    If you are able to safely leave the building, do so immediately. If you are not able to leave, lock or barricade your door, call 9-911 on campus phones or 911 on cell phones and report your location and other information relevant to the incident. Remain in the secured area until directed otherwise by emergency officials.
  • Shots Fired – When Lightning Strikes (20 minute video on campus lockdown and active shooters)
  • Text transcript for video

The Emergency Preparedness RUREADY? also includes instructions on how to sign up for our Emergency Mass Notification System called Star Alert. This system delivers messages to students, staff, faculty and community faculty by phone, text and e-mail if an emergency arises. Registered students, staff, faculty and community faculty automatically have work or other emergency numbers and e-mails added to the Star Alert system.

You can view your contact information and make changes to your phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and choose what methods Star Alert will use to contact you using the Star Alert Portal and Star Alert Instructional Document. If you are not interested in adding numbers or making changes, you do not have to do anything.

Contact Thomas Maida, safety and security director, at 651-793-1725 or for more information.