Veterans Day message from Metropolitan State University president

Dear colleagues and students:

In January of this year, the Minnesota Management and Budget Office issued its annual “Minnesota State Government Efforts to Employ and Support Veterans” report. This document focused on the need to ensure that Minnesota service members are provided with every opportunity to be considered for career opportunities.  At Metropolitan State University, we not only are committed to career opportunities for veterans, but access to higher education to prepare both active duty and veteran service members for future career and life goals.

A stressful event in a veteran’s career can be the time just prior to returning to his or her home and civilian life, after having been deployed and/or serving in the military. One of the best ways to reduce this stress is when one can look forward with great anticipation to employment opportunities upon reentry to civilian life.

Metropolitan State has a strong commitment to supporting veterans and ensuring that outreach is in place to connect and re-connect with veterans. Our Talent Acquisition team and search committees are committed to providing veterans seeking employment ample opportunity to be considered at Metropolitan State University.

Metropolitan State University serves the largest population of veterans and active duty military students in the state among MnSCU and private institutions and has been recognized as a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon organization. Our Veterans Center is here to assist all who have or are currently serving in any branch of the United States Armed Forces. Services include admissions support, providing information on how to pursue college credit for military training, obtaining federal and state educational benefits, and more.

It is my privilege and honor to recognize all veterans for their contribution to our country, state and institution.

My best to each of you on this Veterans Day 2015.


Devinder Malhotra
Interim President, Metropolitan State University