University Dining Center closing Dec. 18

The Saint Paul Campus’ on-site food service, provided by Wabasha Deli since 2010, is closing Friday, Dec. 18.  The dining center, located in the lower level of New Main, has limited hours of operation during the last week of service. The dining center is open 8:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m, Dec. 14–18.

Once Wabasha Deli vacates, students will still be able to use the space to bring their own lunch or study.

The dining services section of the Student Center is still under construction through the first week of January. The university is in the process of securing a new vendor and hopes to have an operational dining service as soon as possible.

Until on-site dining services resume, there are several options for the campus community. Use the interactive map below to see what’s near.