Metropolitan State represented at Frozen Film Festival

A record crowd attended the Metropolitan State Student Filmmakers screening at the inaugural 2016 Frozen Film Festival on Feb. 6. The Frozen Film Festival is a three-day festival featuring contemporary American and international films and is an official event of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Joe Ruiz, Frozen Film Festival director said, “These films go beyond typical student films and are actually on par with many professional entries we receive. They deserve a wide audience and I hope more people are able to see them. The screening was a huge success.”

The student screenwriters and directors included in this world premiere event were Peder Aalgard, Timothy Clark, Ryan Wilke, Matt Becker, Kong Xiong, Mayank Kant, Jenna Jahner, Autumn Kisling, Charles Nolan, Tom Cunningham, Brian Jackson, Denny Yang and Ian Withey.

“The audience’s enthusiastic reception of the films is a testament to the quality of the work and the talent of all these students,” said James Byrne, screenwriting professor in the Communication, Writing and Arts department.

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The 'red carpet' photo taken at the festival includes, from left to right back row: Jackson Agar, Brian Jackson, Peder Aalgaard, Mayank Kant. Left to right in the front row: Tim Clark, Jenna Jahner, Ian Withey.
Red carpet photo taken at the festival. Back row, left to right: Jackson Agar, Brian Jackson, Peder Aalgaard, Mayank Kant. Front row, left to right: Tim Clark, Jenna Jahner, Ian Withey.