Kyle Cold, fall 2015 Outstanding Student

Kyle Cold finds his path at the College of Individualized Studies

College of Individualized Studies is looking for learners who want more than a traditional higher educational experience. The mission of the college is to serve students who want to assume authority over and responsibility for their own education. In life many of us desire the opportunity to choose the path we take.

Take December 2015 graduate Kyle Cold, who was named as a fall semester 2015 outstanding student at Metro State.  You may have read about him in an earlier News@Metro post:

Impressed with his community service and emergency management skills and experiences, the U.S. State Department requested Kyle Cold to consider applying for a Peace Corps post in Ukraine. Result: He is now teaching English and working in community development assisting nongovernmental organizations in the northern Ukraine.

Cold, who crafted his own major in global human studies, earned about 60 credits in student-designed independent studies. A vice president of the university’s Law Enforcement Student Association, he founded and led a student group called the Silver Hand Society, which does emergency management and preparedness services in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Up until he left for the Ukraine in October, Cold was a disaster-response volunteer for the Minneapolis American Red Cross; a volunteer member of the Linwood Township Fire Department; a smoke chaser for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR); and a specialist for Anoka County Emergency Management. He has training and is certified in emergency management with Homeland Security Emergency Management, the Anoka County Emergency Medical Technician Program, the Anoka County Fire Academy and the DNR Fire Training Academy. . . .

The College of Individualized Studies (CIS) values and embraces the tradition upon which Metropolitan State University was founded—the central importance of involving students in exploring the meaning of what does it mean to be an educated person. Is CIS the path for you?

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Fall 2015 Outstanding Student Kyle Cold is pictured on the morning he departed for Ukraine with the Peace Corps.
Fall 2015 Outstanding Student Kyle Cold is pictured on the morning he departed for Ukraine with the Peace Corps.