Checklist: Ten things before fall semester starts

When you’re attending Metropolitan State University, there are a few things to take care of in order to start the semester on the right foot.  We’ve created a top ten list of things to do before you begin your semester.

  1. Register for classes. Be aware that registration is done entirely online, so make use of the university Library and Learning Center if you don’t have a computer. Register through E-Services. Login using your Metro State StarID and password. From there, you can select classes by name, number or department.
  2. Complete the payment arrangements for your tuition. Make sure you’re aware of the Aug. 1 payment deadline. By then, you must have fully paid your tuition, or arrange for a payment plan or student loan with the school. Again, making a tuition payment requires using eServices online. Login and click the link for “Bills and Payment.” The site will show your tuition amount. After you complete the transaction, remember to print your receipt. It is important that your payment is on time or you risk being dropped from your registered courses.
  3. Make a schedule and stick to it. Working, going to classes and meeting your deadlines can be overwhelming, but a schedule can help you manage your time and be successful. Google and Metropolitan State’s D2L have calendars you can make use of. Students should follow the adage, “Allow yourself enough time to be successful.”
  4. Purchase your books and school supplies. Remember that students are expected to use college-ruled notebooks. Other course items will be covered in the syllabi for your classes. For purchasing or renting textbooks, students should first log into the Metropolitan University bookstore.  Here, students can either retrieve a full list of the required books, or pre-order and purchase them online for pick-up at the Saint Paul Campus bookstore. Ordering online or getting a list helps save time picking through the bookshelves. Getting books early allows you to do prior reading and will help you get on top of your studies.
  5. It’s cliche, but it’s true: Know where you’re going. Metropolitan State’s campuses can be a confusing mass of corridors and rooms. The lowest level of the Saint Paul Campus is a maze connecting the various buildings of the main campus. Luckily, detailed maps are posted at each entrance and you can find a map of the main campus online. It’ll save time on your first day when everyone else is fumbling about. If you have any questions about where your classroom is, contact Gateway Student Services.
  6. Contact your professors. Find their contact info by using the class list on your D2L site or the directory on the Metropolitan State university website. Enter their name to search the directory. Contacting your professors will show them that you’re diligent and give you a chance to ask questions that you may have before classes begin. One important question to ask is whether it’s possible to obtain the course syllabus in advance. You’ll be able to read the course guidelines, found out about any other materials you may need and even when your assignments will be due. It will give you a jump on step three—scheduling.
  7. Read ahead to keep up. Most student tend to believe school starts when the class does but most long-time students have found that early reading can make all the difference. Some courses require students to read chapters, articles, journals and even whole books before the first meeting. So make sure you’re savvy about your books and reading assignments. E-mail your professor directly if you can’t find them listed in the class syllabus on D2L.
  8. Set up your approved student e-mail account. This account serves as your main method of communication with professors and other staff and facilities at Metropolitan State. If you have not yet set up your student e-mail, contact Student Gateway Services to get the matter squared away.
  9. Stay up to date on campus organizations and events. Orgsync helps you stay connected to University groups, activities and events. Follow the signup link, select Metropolitan State as your school, and create an account. Once situated, you can contact student groups, members and comment on events. It’s really the only sure way to find out what is happening on campus.
  10. Familiarize yourself with the nearest tutoring center. It is always important to know where to find the people who can help you with your work and when they are available. The times for the Center for Academic Excellence can be found here. he hours for the tutoring center are posted outside the office at each Metropolitan State campus. You can also call the center during their business hours at 651-793-1460, to arrange for a tutoring appointment.

Reading this list is the easy part of preparation but following through with its suggestions requires work that will help you in the long run with your semester and college career.