What makes for a successful public-sector workplace?


Metropolitan State University Sociology and social science professor, Monte Bute penned an intriguing article about working in the public sector.

From the article: “While our new president, Ginny Arthur, is a strong advocate of stewardship, our institutional ethos is currently at a tipping point. In 2016, the administration proposed measures to resolve a significant budget shortfall. The faculty union pushed back, rejecting changes to the status quo. Management claimed that these solutions were temporary measures; some faculty saw a Trojan horse, a hidden agenda for an irreversible reduction of compensation. Compromise became elusive.”

The article continues:

”Welcome to a hall of mirrors, where distortions abound. Nearly every fact in this workplace drama is contestable: The cause and scope of the budget crisis; the parties responsible for it; the appropriateness of responses to it; the need for faculty to share its burden. Is there a way out of this impasse?”

The piece goes on to discuss ethos and the importance of a mission when creating a successful workplace.

Read the full article here.