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Aug. 20: Action gathering on mass incarceration

Join a forum on understanding and responding to mass incarceration, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 20 at North High School Auditorium, 1500 James Avenue North, Minneapolis.

The event is sponsored by the BRIDGE, is a grassroots partnership of currently incarcerated individuals, their families and Voices for Racial Justice. Hear from panelists and community leaders, register to vote and learn about building power and prison reform from the outside in.

The event is free but registration is required. Lunch and child care is provided for attendees. For more information, e-mail or call 612-746-4224.

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Summer movie series at the library

The Metropolitan State Library and Learning Center, along with the Dayton’s Bluff branch of the Saint Paul Public Library, is showcasing their movie collection this summer with Movie Mondays and Fridays.

Movies suitable for ages 13 and over are shown at 7 p.m. on Mondays and movies suitable for all ages are shown at 1 p.m. on Fridays. All movies are shown in the student lounge on the first floor of the library. Movies are free and open to everyone.

Monday movies at 7 p.m.

Aug. 1 Fried Green Tomatoes
Aug. 8 The Help
Aug. 15 Rent

Friday movies at 1 p.m.

Aug. 5 Meet the Robinsons
Aug. 12 Gnomeo & Juliet
Aug. 19 Big Hero 6

Aug. 12: Visiting professor Yanyan Guo to give concert

At the conclusion of her one-year visit to Metropolitan State University, Professor Yanyan Guo, visiting scholar from China, School of Urban Education, is giving a solo vocal performance to lead the audience on a journey of exploration through the diverse cultures, traditions and geographies of China.

This one-time concert is 7–8 p.m., Friday, Aug. 12 in the Founders Hall Auditorium, Saint Paul Campus. Admission is free and open to the public.

Yanyan Gou

Guo’s performance is a celebration of multicultural education at Metropolitan State and incorporates slides, narration and introductions to the people and ethnicities from where her songs originate. The concert will conclude with western operas, a new repertoire Gou has explored during her scholarly journey in the Twin Cities.

Guo is a renowned vocal performer and music teacher in her native China. She’s been a professor at Jiangxi Normal University since 2004. She’s won numerous national competitions and awards, including first prize in the Young Singer Contest in Jiangxi Province in 2014. Her expertise includes Chinese vocal music, folk music, operas, artistic and contemporary songs. Gou came to Metropolitan State last year, supported by a grant from the Chinese Scholar Council.

Performance program to include:

  1. 楚调唐音诗吟:雨霖铃
    Poem chanting: Bells Ringing in the Rain
    (Song Dynasty) Yong Liu
  2. 楚调唐音诗吟:滕王阁序
    Poem chanting: Pavilion of Prince Teng order
    (Tang Dynasty) Bo Wang
  3. 京剧:卜算子。咏梅
    诗:毛泽东 曲:孙玄龄
    Beijing Opera: Ode to the Plum Blossom—to the Tune of Bu Suan Zi
    Poem by Zedong Mao; music by XuanLing Sun
  4. 电影《小花》插曲 :绒花
    词: 刘国富、田农   曲:王酩
    Edelweiss from “Little Flowers”
    Lyrics by Guofu Liu and Nong Tian; music by Min Wang
  5. 新疆民歌: 一杯美酒
    Folk song of Xinjiang: A Cup of Wine
  6. 内蒙谷歌曲: 草原之夜
    词:张加毅     曲 :田歌
    One Night in Pasture
    Lyrics by Jiayi Zhang; music by Ge Tian
  7. 时代歌曲:
    词:黎锦光 曲:黎锦光
    Lyrics and music by Jingguang Li
  8. Loving you
    Lyrics and music by Minnie Riperton
  9. “Think of Me” from “Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lioyd Webber
  10. “Caro Nome ” from “Rigoletto” by Giuseppe Verdi
  11. “Quel Guardo Il Cavaliere” from “Don Pasquale” by Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti
  12. “Chi il bel sogno di Doretta” from “La Rondine” by Giacomo Puccini
  13. 风流江西
    词:朱虹 曲:田信国
    Welcome to Jiangxi
    Lyrics by Hong Zhu; music by Xinguo Tian

Aug. 13: Volunteer to help feed children

Help pack meals for hungry children with the Feed My Starving Children organization, 9 a.m.–noon, Saturday, Aug. 13 at 990 Lone Oak Road, Suite 136 in Eagan. Lunch is provided for volunteers, food accommodations are available by contacting and the location is fully accessible.

Sign up to volunteer online or, if you’re unable to volunteer but still want to help, you can make a donation to Feed My Starving Children.

This volunteer effort is being led by Metropolitan State’s Social Work Student Association and Human Services Student Association. For more information, e-mail


July 28: Resource Fair

The Student Parent Center has been accepting donations over the last several weeks in preparation for the annual Resource Fair. The fair is from 2–7 p.m., Thursday, July 28, New Main, Great Hall, Saint Paul Campus. Students are welcome to stop by and pick up needed items for their family any time during the fair. During the last hour, 6–7 p.m., members of the community are welcome to stop in as well.

Each year, the Student Parent Center collects donations from the university community of clothing, toys, household items, personal care and cleaning products, school supplies and food. The fair is an opportunity for the community to help support students and their families.

No registration required. For more information, contact the Student Parent Center at 651-793-1564 or

Improve yourself with IMPROV

Explore improv, gain communication and team building skills and have a great time in Theater 346: Improvisation for Everyone.

Improvisational acting techniques are applied in business, communications, psychology, health and wellness, education and game creation, just to name a few. These techniques enable people to foster more creative human connections and team building.

In addition to stimulating individual creativity, these techniques and skills can enhance the way a team or group of people work, create and problem solve together by bringing everyone to a common starting place and building specific common skills. These skills include enhanced idea generation, understanding of motivation, behavior and character development. The result is an enhanced sense of persona, mental focus, vocal agility and body language.

This fall, THEA 346 is offered 1–4:20 p.m., Mondays at the Minneapolis Campus with James Robinson, a long-time improv teacher, including work with the Brave New Institute.



July 19: Video Game Night at the Library

The Library and Learning Center is hosting a video game night 4–7 p.m., Tuesday, July 19 in the student lounge on the first floor of the library on the Saint Paul Campus. Stop by to play new and old school video games on Nintendo NES, Wii U, Super Nintendo, PS4 and others.

Snacks are provided and the event is free and open to the public. For more information, e-mail

Pokémon Go: Catch em’ all at Metropolitan State

Walk around the Saint Paul Campus and you’ll see a few familiar sights—bumble bees buzzing around the flower garden outside Founders Hall, the sun shining through the flags in New Main, a Zubat flapping around the library… well, that last one only applies if you’re playing the new augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. Released on July 6, the game has already reached 15 million downloads and has surpassed Facebook and Twitter in daily use. So, what is it?

In the Pokémon world, based on the original games released in the 1990s, trainers travel the world to catch critters called Pokémon and use them to fight each other. The trainer’s goal is to become a master by defeating other trainers and their Pokémon. The franchise produced multiple video games, trading cards, an anime series, films, board games and an endless number of toys.

New Main
A Pokéstop at New Main

Now 20 years later, Pokémon Go blends the real world with the game world and uses your phone’s GPS to determine when a wild Pokémon will appear on your screen through your camera. Along the way you’ll find Pokéstops, locations where you can pick up supplies (stops refresh every five minutes). Once you’ve caught some Pokémon and trained them (by spending ‘candy’ you get during game play) it’s time to take them to the Gym to battle.

The game itself is free and it’s possible to get everything you need without spending a dime. However, you can purchase extra supplies and lures to draw Pokémon to you. When a Pokéstop is covered in falling hearts, someone has placed a Lure Module on it and Pokémon will flock to any player near it.

If you’re at the Saint Paul Campus, you may have already seen groups of people wandering around looking down at their phones. College campuses are hot spots of in-game activity and Metropolitan State isn’t any different. Metro hosts seven Pokéstops and one Gym (with another nearby at First Lutheran Church) and within days of the game’s release, swarms of hearts surrounded the campus as players put Lure Modules out.

The best spot for catching Pokémon at Metro State is the Labyrinth and Reflective Garden next to the Library and Learning Center. The area holds two Pokéstops and the Gym, making it the perfect place to hang out and work on being the very best.

Campus Map
Metropolitan State’s Saint Paul Campus in Pokémon Go

Not at the Saint Paul Campus? Not to worry. The Midway Center has two Pokéstops at the East and West entrances with a Gym across the street and the Minneapolis Campus is covered in them. The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center also has a Pokéstop with a Gym nearby.

Whichever campus you visit to catch Pokémon, remember to stay alert and be safe. Avoid walking alone at night, even for rare ghost Pokémon, and have the contact information for campus security saved in your phone in case you feel unsafe.

  • Saint Paul Campus safety officer
    cell phone: 651-775-0444
    desk phone: 651-793-1717
  • Library safety officer
    cell phone: 651-775-0715
  • Parking ramp safety officer
    cell phone: 651-368-4297
  • Midway Center safety officer
    cell phone: 651-775-6122
  • Minneapolis Campus safety officer
    cell phone: 612-659-6910
    emergency phone: 612-659-6900
  • LECJEC safety officer
    cell phone: 763-354-4168

If you want to learn more about playing the game, check out this Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Go.

Aug. 10-12: Current and Aspiring Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers conference

The Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers in Minnesota is hosting their summer 2016 conference at Metropolitan State. The conference begins at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 10 at the Saint Paul Campus, continues 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 11 and ends on Aug. 12 with panel discussions from 8:30 a.m. until noon.

This conference honors the lived experiences and local knowledge of teachers of color and American Indian teachers by creating a safe and welcoming space in which current and future teachers are the primary participants. A core group of diverse coalition educators are planning the conference to include a series of general sessions and breakout sessions that seek to inspire, affirm, inform and energize. Participants are able to build power networks, develop legislative proposals and create action plans that remove barriers and transform state policy and local institutions to retain and increase teachers of color and American Indian teachers in Minnesota.

There is no registration fee but registration is required as space is limited to the first 300 people. Grant funding is available to support lodging and mileage expenses for those traveling from greater Minnesota. Learn more about the conference at the coalition website or Facebook page.

View and share the event flyer.






Summer issue of Haute Dish out now

Did you follow a link from the News@Metro newsletter? Click here to nominate outstanding students and advisors.


The summer issue of Haute Dish, Metropolitan State’s literary magazine, is available at the following locations:

  • Saint Paul Campus: near main entrances of New Main, Founder’s Hall, St. John’s Hall and near the Library and Learning Center elevators
  • Midway Center: near the Computer Lab entrance
  • Minneapolis Campus: near main entrance of the Management Education Building
  • Brooklyn Park: near main entrance

Haute Dish is now accepting submissions for the fall full color issue. Submit your color or black and white photography, illustrations, poetry, prose or digital storytelling videos by midnight July 15 at Submittable.