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Pioneer Press: Monty Bute, “Pushing the rock toward redemption”

Monte Bute
Monte Bute

“No group of idealists can easily move the pattern of history toward the desired goal of peace and justice,” wrote the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. “The recalcitrant forces in the historical drama have a power and persistence beyond our reckoning.”

To acknowledge this is not a brief for quietism; by no means does unblinkered realism absolve us from acting against suffering, cruelty and injustice. Nevertheless, we are Sisyphus, forever condemned to push the rock of righteousness up the mountain, only to see it roll back down, perpetually. The world is not redeemable, but individuals are.

— Monty Bute writes in the May 10 Pioneer Press

Pioneer Press: 15 years later, MN schools are more segregated, and achievement gap has barely budged

Pioneer Press: 15 years later, MN schools are more segregated, and achievement gap has barely budged

Fifteen years into a nationwide push to provide every student with an equal education, Minnesota schools have grown more segregated and the state’s nation-leading academic achievement gap refuses to close.

Minnesota now has more than 200 schools where students of color make up 90 percent or more of the enrollment, state data shows. That’s more than double what the state had in 2002, when the federal No Child Left Behind Act reinvigorated the national campaign for school equity.

Pioneer Press: ‘Ridiculously overwhelming’: Can reforms to how Minnesota teachers get licensed stop shortage?

“Minnesota faces a growing shortage of teachers in math, science, special education and technical programs. State education leaders hope fixing what has been described as a “broken” licensing process will make it easier for teachers trained out-of-state or in alternative ways to get into Minnesota classrooms…”

“… a more diverse teaching force is essential if Minnesota is going to close one of the nation’s worst academic achievement gaps between poor and minority students and their peers,” says Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, dean of the School of Urban Education at Metropolitan State University.

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Pioneer Press: Bremer Trust’s $10.3 million in grants includes helping nurses of color

“A new effort to train nurses of color will get a boost from the Otto Bremer Trust, which has announced 140 grants totaling $10.3 million.

A $100,000 grant will support an effort led by Metropolitan State University to mentor nurses who have a two-year RN degree as they work toward a four-year bachelor’s degree. The advanced degree leads to more responsibility and higher salaries.”

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St. Paul Pioneer Press visits Metropolitan State

Pat Effenberger and Mike Burbach, editorial board member and editor, respectively of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, visited Metropolitan State’s Saint Paul Campus to meet with Executive Vice President and Provost Ginny Arthur, June 16, 2016. The newspaper journalists met with the incoming president to discuss Metroplitan State’s role and vision for itself and the community, and toured the new Science Education Center.