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Save and earn with Tuition Match

Check out Tuition Match-Minnesota, a designated savings program that provides a $3 match to every $1 students save toward tuition and fees.

For example, a participating student who saves $480 in a Tuition Match savings account would have $1,920 to cover tuition and fees for summer or fall. Students can also participate in the program a second year for a total of $960 of their savings and $2,880 of Tuition Match; totaling $3,840 towards their tuition and fees.

To be eligible to participate students must have three or more terms of enrollment at Metropolitan State University, must be a Minnesota resident, must be earning some income, and must meet household income qualifications. For more information on how to triple your money, eligible qualifications, how the program works and to set-up a Tuition Match appointment, click here.